April 2017 

This is it a new start, I have just come back from a lads holiday (first in ten years) with a new attitude and renewed focus.

Do I still miss my wife? Yes!

Do I still love her? Yes I think so

Would I go back? I don’t know

And that’s as honest as I can be, I don’t know! Part of me wants to have the complete family part of me wants to move on and be happy. Another part of me doesn’t care and is happy spending time with my kids just the 3 of us. 

So let’s see what this brings I start a new job at the end of April, I already have a good set of friends, a new flat to live in and a new job with hopefully new opportunities.

I have started divorce proceedings and attending mediation, I await to see if she bothers to attend. She holds all the power at the moment and in the past I always bowed down and let her have her way, those days are gone. 

So hopefully you enjoy my blogs about dating as a single parent, living as a single parent, being a damn good dad and hopefully the start of the rest of my life.