About Me in 2016

Rogue One : My adventures in Single Parenting

About Me & This Blog (from 2016)
Almost 3 months ago now my wife left me, stating she had fallen out of love with me. 
I was crushed 

She took the kids away to family for a week and when she came back asked me to move out.
2016 has been a shit year as I’ve struggled to cope, I’ve fought hard to win her back and ultimately been fighting a losing battle. 
I do still love her the fact she doesn’t love me just hurts more, so here I am almost a full year later trying to be the best dad I can be to the 2 little people that matter to me the most. 
From the end of 2016

However This year has made me discover something, the little things matter.

So across this year I have made sure me and my kids have mini adventures at every possible opportunity. 
Little things like golf ball hunting (in woods next to a golf course) or more recently doing the mannequin challenge. There is also a Lego Spaceman who moves round our house the kids love this (and so do I).

I have struggled to separate my feelings towards my ex and the kids they were always a package, but I’m committed to do the best by my kids.