The House Awakens

So single life has its perks sometimes,  time, time is amazing time to discover and play with things. Last week I decided to purchase myself a new toy in the form of the Amazon Echo Dot after some smart switches were purchased last week.

After a couple of days in the house now, Alexa is amazing


I love this little thing, I have signed up for a trial of music unlimited and and seriously debating sticking with it.

Alexa play songs by Fallout Boy ……. amazing…… Alexa play alternative rock songs from the 90s …….. Superb!

Had a quick look at some of the skills out there and there are some great and some terrible ones.

However bargain of the century has to be the Sonoff smart switches


Plug and play home automation, that can be controlled via phone or the Echo. I’ve only got one for now but have a lot more planned. the setup and interface is smooth and to be honest the hardest part was stripping the wires for the lamp i ended up using.

Other skills added are one for brushing your teeth, basically turning it into a game for the kids, timing and telling them when to brush brush brush. As well as an animal guessing game like 20 questions.

All in all its a novelty item, but its a lot of fun and the kids love it and so do. So it will be money well spent and with the possibility of cheap home automation how could you say no?


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