The Fat-hom Menace – The Dad Bod

18 months ago I was a 22 stone mess, I couldn’t run i struggled with exercise and generally didn’t take good care of myself.

I’ve tried my hardest now to sort myself out, looks, weight and persona.

Recently (last few years) my hair had started to thin and I was embarrassed, I still cut my hair like i had some and looking back it was terrible. I went too long between cuts and at some points ended up looking like Friar Tuck. My facial hair was either stubble or wild and untamed, I didn’t try.

After months of experimenting I jumped in and took the plunge bought myself some hair trimmers on amazon and took the decision to shave my hair short and groom my beard, I was worried about the upside down head look! But it actually kind of works, I feel a lot more confident and because I do other people have noticed.

My next task is to lose the gut and sort out this dad bod, do my fellow dads out there have any tips?

Time is my biggest enemy! I have a few weights at home and space to do press ups and planks.

Diet and exercise advice welcome


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