The Clone Wars – My take on dating apps – Tinder

So after a bit of a break from it all I decided to take on the dating apps again. Now I’m no prize, 33 year old, slightly overweight, balding father of two with facial hair i cant decide what to do with! I’m not exactly prime real estate but I’m relatively fit (as in i can run and move) But i’m not toned or anything by a mile but I have a decent sense of self and some pretty good values.

So under the threat of a friend applying for me to go on either First dates or Dinner date I decided to jump back in!

First things first Tinder wasn’t the best starting point. The amazingly superficial app  full of fakes and people who just stop talking.  My married friends think its amazing, like a cattle market of women (or men) for the record they use my account don’t have their own. It’s also not a good date story telling people your mates use your tinder!

Choose your pictures carefully apparently its important to show yourself (obviously) good photos help, there’s not many of me! A photo in a group with your friends, to prove you have them? and an action shot!

So after a couple of weeks, 30 or so matches some must have been blind swipes (sorry ladies) that does sound harsh and make me feel so superficial. A lot of people surprised you actually want to talk rather than just send a picture of your cock!!!

However most of the time the conversation pitters out and they go silent, you learn to spot the fake profiles and sometimes just swipe them anyway to have a bit of a laugh when a (presumed) bot or Nigerian / Russian scammer wants you to click a link.

Plus points : Simple to use, have to have a Facebook account to register, large number of women on there,

Bad points: Lots of fakes, Guys have a bad rep, superficial,

All in all its a good app it kills 5 or 10 minutes before bed, first thing or when your on the loo!

Am I going to meet the future Mrs Rogue on there? Probably not, but I’ll have some fun doing it in the mean time!


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