So as I’ve been quiet for a while I’ve started to question why i started this site?

When it comes down to it, its simple really. I have 2 little people in my life who are my everything> I find myself on my own without their mother in my life and its a struggle.

However its not a struggle with the kids, J & C are amazing and we have an amazing relationship.

I struggle with closure, confidence and everything that associates with that really.

I think traditionally Men are the less emotional sex, not in my case. 16 months ago I was low, now I’m better things still aren’t great but the only way is up.

So if anything by reading this I can help one more dad then i have done something right!

Still to this day if i have a few drinks, I miss her and i send a text recently she shared these 2 facebook……. how kind.

It gets better, and I have 2 reasons to prove it.


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