Burn Some Rubber @ Gateshead Library

So I always looks for things to do that will engage the kids and also myself, sometimes it’s difficult with J being a typical 8 year old boy and C being a 5 year old girl going on 15.

Something that caught my eye on EventBrite was this event, the three of us regularly play with Lego and this was hopefully something that could bring us together.

Never having been to Gateshead Library before I was impressed, good parking on site not to far. When we got in the event wasn’t signposted to well but we figured it out. A good sized lecture room was simply filled with big paddling pools (for lack of a better description) full of bricks.

The kids were dished out a Lego motor and set away to build after a brief presentation from a AFOL (Adult fan of Lego) I was hoping it might be a little more educational but all in all not badly done. The expert walked round and talked to the kids and helped, some over competitive parents got in on the building I restrained myself.

After about 40 minutes the kids had races to see who’s car went the furthest, which was a bit of a mess to be honest needed  bit more structure to it, it was billed as part of Maker Month but links were brief at best and possibly more of a campaign to get some more email addresses on mailing lists.

I’ll keep an eye out for more events like this, but wouldn’t go out of my way to get there.


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