So after seperation its time to think about dating again, and what I have safely come to realise dating is not what it used to be! With 2 little people you cant afford to go out every weekend, yes I have my kids every other weekend. But I have found where most of my friends are married or in relationships with kids of their own drinking buddies are hard to come by. 

So we enter the “Exciting” world of dating apps and sites. What can we say! 

I tried out a few (possibly where I went wrong but hey ho) there is some crap to wade through! Fake accounts, bots, scammers, seeing your ex – thats always fun!

I’ve tried them all over the last 16 months and heres my honest reviews of the ones I had a go at! 

The Big ones : – 
A serious one but not a lot of people communicate on it and it ended up feeling like a chore sending out messages, I only joined as got a deal from TopCashback but let my subscription roll over accidentally and ended up paying again. Downside is you have to pay to be able to actually do anything and its not cheap! Even if you pay there’s no guarantee the person you message has paid too and if they havent they cant read your messages, unless you pay for a further upgrade – bit of a con. In 12ish months I’ve only met 3 or 4 girls off the site, and for individual reasons they didnt work out. 

Verdict: Expensive – Not worth the cost in my opinion

Plenty of Fish –
A funny one this all the features of Match but free, a lot of fake profiles and the odd bit of verbal abuse thrown in (not actually joking) you can message for free on here but the site has a bad reputation. People I did meet off here had either very flattering pictures or were taken at such an angle they hid a lot or gave a very different impression. Verbal abuse came from a drunk call when they added the ability to send voice messages, all I’d sent was a simple hello and a compliment a not thanks would have done. 

Verdict: A lot of fake profiles, but when the odd person talks can strike up some decent chat 

Tinder –
The most famous and superficial off all dating apps, based solely on looks I was never going to be a big winner here. Ironically not half bad again a lot of fake profiles but if you wade through the shit and treat it as a game and dont take things personally it can be an ok experience. My married friends loved playing on my profile but its not all good. 

Verdict: Fun but its a game

All in all I still havent found the best site or fit, But then being a parent is more important to me right now. 
But here’s one of my personal highlights from Tinder.

Anya ……. stunningly beautiful pity its Kelly Brook. I swiped yes for shits and giggles she didnt match back. DEVASTATED


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