The House Awakens

So single life has its perks sometimes,  time, time is amazing time to discover and play with things. Last week I decided to purchase myself a new toy in the form of the Amazon Echo Dot after some smart switches were purchased last week. After a couple of days in the house now, Alexa is … Continue reading The House Awakens


Rating the Dating Sites

Nice little post here tried most of them myself

Diary of a Dating Dad

Online dating. It’s nothing new to the world, but it is new to me. Now that I’m looking to get out there in the world and go on some dates I’ve needed to sign up to a few sites, and I have to say my experiences on each have been very different.

Here are my own personal thoughts on those I’ve signed up to so far.


By far and away my favourite app, for a few reasons. One of them is shallow and superficial; most of the women on it are hot! I’m not talking girl-next-door attractive; I’m talking about stunningly beautiful, the sort of women I would be too intimidated to approach in real life.

But the real twist is around first contact. Unlike every other site out there, on Bumble only the woman is allowed to make the first move. If you find a match she has…

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